I started using essential oils in 2010 when nothing else seemed to work….

After the birth of my son in 2009, I was diagnosed with an asymptomatic UTI that seemed impossible to cure. I’m allergic to many antibiotics and there were many others I couldn’t take while I was breastfeeding. I tried lots of other home remedies to no avail.

I was at a new moms’ group where I had my first introduction to essential oils. I started with some basic ones like lavender and dill (which helped reduce my sugar cravings and in turn helped me reduce the yeast in my system). As I learned more, I used them more, to help me feel better physically and emotionally. I was able to help relax my kids before bedtime and could help reduce the time they were sick. The seemed like magic! And who wouldn’t rather try something more natural like oregano to kick a sinus infection?

Sure, we still get sick, but my kids haven’t had a sick visit to the doctor since I started using essential oils.

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I am not a trained medical professional. Please consult with your doctor for any serious medical condition.