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Calm, Balance and Strength


Yoga for All

Kim enjoys teaching yoga to all levels, from beginners to experienced yogis. Her cueing is thorough and her classes combine elements to refresh your mind, body and soul.

"I love Kim's classes! They are soothing, clear and well organized with thoughtful transitions."

"When I left Kim's gentle yoga class, I was SO relaxed!"


School Programs

Kim's yoga programs for schools include benefits for students' social, emotional, and physical learning. Her classes are playful and fun, while providing students with strategies to help them manage stress and anxiety at school and at home.

"I've never been so relaxed in my life!" - 4th grader

"We should have yoga every week like we have other specials" - 2nd grader


Essential Oils

Essential oils are more than just a pretty scent. They can lift your mood, reduce fever, heal skin blemishes, eliminate mold, just to name a few uses. 

"Kim knows SO MUCH about essential oils. I used to think they just made your house smell better, but Kim showed me that there's so much more behind how and why they work and simple ways to use them in my life."  


Why Yoga

More people are practicing yoga than ever, yet I still know lots of people who say "yoga's just not my thing". There are so many types of yoga - breathing, meditation, movement, chanting - that saying you don't like yoga is like saying you don't like food. It's likely you just haven't found a type of yoga that works for you. Keep trying. Most of us start yoga as a physical practice and soon realize that there's so much more to it - the feelings of peace, calm balance, mindfulness, clarity. Yoga can help reduce anxiety, depression, blood pressure, fear, heart disease AND can help you improve your memory, digestive issues, and relaxation. Still not convinced? Contact me today, and I'll help you find YOUR yoga.

Why Yoga